12 Clicks of Christmas

We’re giving the ultimate gift of efficiency and digital collaboration.

Follow along as we lead up to Christmas with the “12 Clicks of Christmas”, giving you 12 custom One-Click Reports that you can easily set up, with chata.ai Premium.

One-Click Reports allow you to get fast answers to regular questions and analyze your business data in seconds.

If you have multiple clients using chata.ai, you can share your One-Click Report templates across all of your client organizations.

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For the 12 Clicks of Christmas, chata.ai sent to me:

First Day: Accounts Receivable

You can set up this One-Click Report in a flash to report on your AR from your Cloud Accounting data. We currently connect to Xero and QuickBooks Online. More integrations coming soon.

Tip: Add more queries to your One-Click Reports simply by clicking “edit”.

Accounts Receivable

Second Day: Cashflow tracking

Get a handle on your Cashflow in seconds with this Cashflow One-Click Report connecting chata.ai to your Cloud Accounting data. We currently connect to Xero and QuickBooks Online. More integrations coming soon.

Here’s a video of how to setup your One-Click Reports on chata.ai Premium.

Third Day: Transaction reporting

Our connection to Stripe is here and now you can set up One-Click Reports for your Payment Processing data. Transactions are so easy to analyze with chata.ai

Query Tips: Check out more queries chata.ai can answer.

Transaction Reporting

Fourth Day: Reviewing Accounts

chata.ai helps you understand even more about your business and clients. Connecting to Xero/Quickbooks Online, simply ask chata.ai “show me my accounts” now you have a full picture of all aspects of your accounts and can continue with more queries to dig deeper.

Want to share this information with your colleagues? Learn how to share your reports with other users.

chata.ai Reviewing Accounts

Fifth Day: 5 KPIs!

Easily keep track of your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with a One-Click Report from chata.ai. You can quickly pull your KPI Report anytime to understand how your business or client’s business is operating.

Every business has different KPIs, discuss yours with your accounting advisor and easily customize your One-Click Report to your needs.

Tip: Add a comment to your report before you share it with your colleagues or client to increase your digital collaboration.

KPI chata.ai

Sixth Day: Payout information 

Querying the status of your Stripe Payouts allows you to understand what money has been received or what is expected to be received in your bank account.   

Tip: Pull your Payout Report weekly to keep on top of all your incoming payments.  

Spoiler alert! Scheduled reports are coming soon to chata.ai. Thanks to all of our customers who have requested this feature update. We are listening!

Payout chata.ai

Seventh Day: Service Revenue Tracking

Do you want to better track your service revenue?

Integrating chata.ai will allow you to simply pull a report with all the details about the total sales per service/customer allowing you to learn and pivot your strategies.

Tip: want to change the time frame in a template? Simply hit the “edit” button and adjust the query to your new time frame. Or, add another query to your One-Click Report so you can see results on multiple time frames.

Service Revenue chata.ai

Eighth Day: Expense Recapping

Understanding where your money is going allows you to plan and create budgets – or cut unnecessary costs. chata.ai allows you to view daily, weekly, monthly and yearly expenses allowing you to stay on budget and forecast for the future.

Next steps: drill down for even more details about a supplier or vendor with one click on a piece of data in your table. It’s that easy!

Expense chata.ai

Ninth Day: Inventory Management

chata.ai can provide you with the exact quantity of products on hand or the inventory sold for the last month. Running a weekly One-Click Inventory Report will provide you with details on what stock needs to be replenished and re-ordered.

Tip: With the chata.ai mobile app, you can now check inventory from your phone, while you’re on the jobsite. Take the guess work out of quantity-on-hand – from the palm of your hand.

12 click of Christmas chata.ai

Tenth Day: Invoice Reporting

With chata.ai you can pull information from multiple data sources into one report allowing you to get the big picture about your invoices from both your cloud accounting information and your payment processor – all with One-Click!

Here’s a video on how to select your data source in a template.

Connections: chata.ai currently connects with Stripe, QuickBooks Online and Xero. Our vision is to become the “hub” for all business data interaction. Our next integrations are Square, Hubspot and Sage. What do you want to see next? Let us know at support@chata.ai.

invoices chata.ai

Eleventh Day: Examining Liabilities 

Tracking unpaid bills is now as simple as just asking, so you’ll never pay late again. Using a template in chata.ai you can regularly track who you own money to. 

Query Tips: Check out more queries chata.ai can answer.  

Liabilities chata.ai

On the Final Click of Christmas, chata.ai sent to me:  12 Sales Summaries 

Get the big picture about your business with a complete One-Click Sales Summary Report from chata.ai. It’s never been so simple to understand who your top and bottom customers are, what are your total and average sales per day or visualize your total yearly sales.  

Tip: If you want to visualize a query’s result in a different way, ask chata.ai for a bar chart or a line chart by clicking the option on the top left corner of your result.

Sales Summaries chata.ai