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No more 15-minute phone calls

Sasha is a bookkeeper and Quickbooks Pro-Advisor who has been running her freelance business for seven years. She made the move to the cloud two years ago and recommends a standard package of apps to her clients.
Priding herself on providing the best service, Sasha maintains a high customer retention rate with approximately 30 regular clients.


She has no extra time to spare.

Sasha feels like she’s hit a ceiling in her business. She wants to grow and take on more clients but is stuck on how to go about this without increasing her employee base.

Unplanned client calls, or what she refers to as “the 15-minute phone call”, limit her ability to focus on other things.

She is committed to being very responsive to her clients, but this means she spends a lot of her time reacting to client requests. It’s not uncommon for Sasha to get up to 10 phone calls and emails in a day with requests for information that can be drawn from reports she has already provided.

Common requests include:

  1. What was my weekly sales for the past 3 months?
  2. Total receivables balance over 90 days?
  3. How much profit was made this month from each service?
  4. What were our total advertising expenses per month for the last 3 months?

Sasha feels strongly that if she can find a way to educate and empower her clients, she will be able to provide higher-value, her time will be freed up and she can take on more.


With Sasha could quickly evolve into a value-based business, taking on more clients without increasing headcount and reducing her “15-minute phone calls” to few and far-between.


Instead of calling her, her clients will be empowered with immediate access to answers from their financial data. For the calls that will inevitably still come, she will spend a fraction of the time it used to take to find, calculate and present the answer.

45-minute presentation prep,
now takes 3 mins!

Pete is a Sales Manager at a company with 200 employees. They do not have a specialized CRM system, but do have online accounting software.
He presents monthly to senior managers and board members on operational results. His presentations are typically five slides total:
1 – Total sales for the last three months
2 – Total sales per region last month
3 – Product distribution per region last month
4 – Total sales per rep last month
5 – Product distribution per rep last month


Pete’s priority is hitting sales numbers with his team. He doesn’t have a lot of extra time and finds the task of developing his presentation cumbersome. He needs to do the following:

  1. Get a data export from the accounting/financial system
  2. Load the data in to Microsoft Excel
  3. Select, filter, calculate data to create a table showing the appropriate data for the presentation slide (in this case the total sales for the last 3 months)
  4. Click a charting option for the data
  5. Save chart as an image and put in to slide #1
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for each additional slide

Total Time = 45 minutes


With Pete could reduce his total time spent putting his presentation together to three minutes per month. He would have to do the following:

  1. Enters his first query in “bar chart total sales for the last three months”
  2. Clicks to “paste to clipboard”
  3. Pastes into his presentation
  4. Repeats step 1 – 3 for query 2 – 5
  5. With one click, saves these questions into a Sales Presentation Report

Total time: Three minutes

From waiting 12-hours to answers-on-the-go

Jojo is an entrepreneur who is always-on-the-go. She owns a marketing agency, sits on two boards and has an active family. Her company has 12 employees and she’s always thinking of ways to expand her business.
Jojo spends most of her time networking, attending meetings and pitching to clients. The majority of her work is done from her mobile phone and Jojo’s staff takes care of the tactical work. She outsources to an accountant and bookkeeper.


Although she’d like to be more organized, Jojo ends up doing a lot of her thinking and planning at odd times. It’s not uncommon for her to send requests to her bookkeeper at 11 p.m. or from an Uber at the last minute before a meeting.  She often gets monthly reports from a high level, but does not memorize the information in them.

Jojo’s common questions to her bookkeeper include:

  1. How much did Client X spend in the last quarter?
  2. What was our total revenue from graphic design services?
  3. Does Client X have outstanding invoices and how late are they?

These reports can take a lot of time to generate and her bookkeeper isn’t always immediately available as they are very busy as well. This can be very frustrating for both JoJo and her bookkeeper.

Average response time: 12 hours


With, Jojo will be more empowered on the go-go. She could text a query in and get immediate answers, at any time of the day. She could ask for information in client meetings and forward results and data directly to her clients. Her bookkeeper could do her job without interruption, avoid non-billable calls and reduce the stress of responding at odd times.

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