“Delegate. Delegate. Delegate.”

What business owner hasn’t been told this over and over again? We all have, and I’m certain we all have similar fears about delegating. Like that recurring nightmare you have where you delegate a task, it doesn’t get done or is completely botched, and as a result your entire business collapses.

To truly grow your business, you must build a team that you can trust
Bob Wang, Founder, Legacy Advantage CPA

I can absolutely relate, and truthfully, many of us have likely already experienced failures in delegated tasks. However, we can’t let these instances reinforce our fear, nor our belief that we’re the only ones suited to the job at hand.

As small business owners, it’s imperative that we take things off of our plate. In addition to automating through technology by using apps such as chata.ai or Receipt Bank, to truly grow your business, you must build a team that you can trust—a team that can do the things you need them to do and do those things well, so that you can be freed to do whatever it really is that only you can do.

A few months ago, I wanted to go on a holiday. I haven’t taken a long vacation since I launched my bookkeeping firm, Legacy Advantage, three years ago. Over those three years, I had successfully delegated many tasks to my managers, leaving me with only human resources and sales.

As I’m sure you can guess, at the time I felt there was absolutely no way in the world that I could delegate these two activities. I founded Legacy Advantage on a set of core values and believed I was the only one that could assess candidates based on those core values. For the same reason, I believed that I was the best person to take bookkeeping client calls and perform the sales function.

… but I wanted to go on a vacation!

My mentor challenged my limiting beliefs and reminded me of something I heard John Maxwell say at a conference once. It went something like this: “If they can do it 80% as well as you, you should delegate it. You may just be pleasantly surprised.”

I pulled the trigger and hired an HR director to help me with the recruiting process. Initially, I only asked her to review resumes and look through the application forms. She excelled! Then I had her conduct phone interviews, and soon after the bookkeeping technology test. She exceeded my expectations at every turn. I was shocked. I mean, how could she possibly be better at this than me?

After checking my ego, I realized this was a great thing. As of May 2018, I was no longer in charge of recruiting. Which left me with sales.

Technology not only exists to make our lives easier, but it aids in supporting the valuable conversations we have with our employees and our clients
Bob Wang, Founder, Legacy Advantage CPA

Re-enter ego. I thought I was the best and only person to do sales at Legacy Advantage. How could someone else possibly represent us the way I could, and communicate trust and competence to potential bookkeeping clients? How could someone else possibly make the same first impression? I was afraid that if I passed this most crucial task on to others, our sales would stall and we wouldn’t grow …

… but I wanted to go on a vacation!

My two managers were up for challenging themselves, and offered to step into sales roles. With some apprehension, I agreed and guess what? During the month that I was away, they continued to engage new bookkeeping clients. There were no hiccups at all. I was shocked. And furthermore, these new clients had a relationship with my managers, not with me, which meant that when there was a problem, they went directly to the managers instead of directly to me.

This was such a weight off my shoulders that when I got back from vacation, I struggled to find things to do! Without HR and Sales to manage, I finally have time to think, plan, strategize, and work on developing our business. Our business, not mine, because now it truly is a team effort.

The fear of delegation stems from trust issues that every entrepreneur has at some point in building a business. Technology not only exists to make our lives easier, but it aids in supporting the valuable conversations we have with our employees and our clients. When delegating tasks to someone who, in all likelihood, is much more capable than me, I can leverage the applications that I use to automate my workflow, to make the hand off a little easier. I know that my employees are receiving accurate data in order to have supportive and valuable conversations with our clients. At the end of the day it builds trust between me and my employees and my employee and their clients.

Bob Wang

Author Bob Wang

Bob is owner and founder of Legacy Advantage. He holds a CPA and has experience at a private client services brand and with the Big 4. Bob is passionate about empowering organizations through quality bookkeeping services.

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