Flexible Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Get started with a 14 day free trial. No credit card to start. No coding needed.

Only pay for the volume used! 

AutoAE by Chata provides you with a hybrid pricing model.
Choose a service tier based on your business requirements and if you exceed your included monthly Billable Answers only pay for the additional Billable Answers that your customers receive from the usage-based volume rates.

AutoAE Pricing User Image

Starter Service

Starts at $49 US
250 included Billable Answers/mo 
Up to 5 user seats 
1 Custom Answer Engine 
Unlimited Q&A Content 
Included testing/sandbox environment
Customizable Messenger styling 
Custom CTAs 
Rich media support (images and video in answers) 
Access to educational resources 
Data Security 
Question Feed (History) 
Standard Analytics 

Pro Service

Starts at $199 US
Everything in Starter +
500 included Billable Answers/mo 
Up to 10 user seats 
Advanced Analytics
1-1 Onboarding
Dedicated Customer Success Rep  
Quarterly Optimization Session 
Enterprise & Partners

Looking for a fixed-price contract, more customization and onboarding support? 

Chat with us to discuss advanced options, implementation and pricing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is an Answer Engine?

A conversational AI solution that intelligently answers your users’ questions in real time. No scripts, no flows, no intents, and no code required.

Customize your Answer Engine to reflect your brand, embed it seamlessly on your website, watch your users engage, and begin gaining insights right away.

2) What is a Billable Answer?

A billable answer is considered a reasonable answer/response that gets returned when an end user (website visitor) interacts with a published Answer Engine.

We don’t count recommended answers or interactions on non-production engines. After you reach your included monthly billable answers, you’ll be charged on a usage-based volume rate.

3) What is a User Seat?

A user seat is a unique participant that creates or is invited to an AutoAE account.

4) What is the difference between Standard and Advanced Analytics?

Standard Analytics reveals valuable insights about your users’ preferences and patterns by visualizing interactions and key indicators over time, including success rates and session duration.  

With Advanced Analytics, gain deep insights about user goals and engagement, visualize conversational patterns, uncover key conversion and drop off events, understand conversation sentiment, and more. 

5) Do I need to provide my credit card to sign up?

We don’t require your credit card details to start your free trial. Once your 14 day trial is over you’ll need to select your paid service tier to continue to use your Answer Engine.

6) What happens after my trial ends?

You will lose access to your Answer Engine. However, your data and setup will be stored for 30 days. To resume access to your Answer Engine you will need to log into the AutoAE portal, select your paid service tier and provide your credit card details.