Deliver state-of-the-art conversational data experiences, naturally

Bring the power of natural language database querying to your application with AutoQL by Chata.

Ad Hoc Reporting 

Give your users simple and seamless access to their data, whenever they need it.

Exploratory Analytics

Empower users to dive into details, explore trends, and discover insights, instantly.

Streamlined Workflows 

Boost productivity and help users get the job done, faster, within your application.

AI-as-a-Service, at your service

AutoQL translates natural language to database query language so you can offer your users the exceptional digital experience they demand and the data access they need.

To the moon rocket ship and astronaut
Verify data by chatting with AutoQL

Say goodbye to the revolving door of labor-intensive data requests

Let your team do what they do best and leave ad hoc requests to AutoQL, making it possible for users to interact independently and immediately with their data.

Exceed user expectations, win loyalty that drives revenue

Boost productivity and autonomy in your app by empowering users to uncover trends, spot anomalies, and derive insights through conversational data exploration.

Receive answers on your phone with AutoQL
Observe all the data at a glance with AutoQL

Amplify functionality & watch the value of your app soar

Streamline workflows in your application and see engagement skyrocket as users efficiently and accurately complete data-dependent tasks with unprecedented ease.