Take care of business, not endless user data requests

Free your team from fielding ad hoc requests and give your users the ability to access the information they need, when they need it.
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Ad Hoc Reporting AutoQL by Chata

Add value & reduce costs with truly self-serve data access options.

AutoQL makes ad hoc reporting as simple as asking a question and receiving an immediate answer, so users can get mission-critical data from your application on their own terms, without calling on your team. 

Ad Hoc Reporting AutoQL by Chata

Monetize data access as a feature in your application

Increase the value of the tools you build with enhanced functionality that guarantees the direct access to data that your users are demanding as the importance of real-time information grows.

Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge workflow solutions

Drastically reduce incoming support tickets and outperform industry standards when you empower users to meet all of their ad hoc data needs instantly and independently, whether they have one data-dependent question or ten.

Ad Hoc Reporting AutoQL by Chata

What’s included

AutoQL’s natural language to database query language translation technology is the foundation of our powerful solutions that streamline workflows for your users.

User Experience-Led AI Technology

AutoQL’s robust functionality enables you to deliver high-impact conversational data access to all of your users.

Optimized Integration Process

Get started, fast. From training data to building language models, we take care of customizing our AI for your unique database.

Flexible Implementation Options

Freely build on the API or implement our widgets to quickly deploy ad hoc reporting functionality however you’d like.

Developer Resources & Support

From our powerful AI tech and flexible widgets to our comprehensive dev docs and support, we’re here to make your job easy.

Deliver intuitive ad hoc reporting options in your application with AutoQL.

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