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Deliver self-service data access that drives results

AutoQL’s exploratory data analysis capabilities enable your business users to seamlessly investigate detailed data, discover trends, and make informed decisions with ease.
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Woman designing and looking at data for Exploratory Analysis

Boost engagement with tools that empower business users to explore and discover actionable insights in their data

AutoQL makes it simple for anyone to conduct in-depth exploratory data analysis in seconds. Users can easily dive into details, uncover patterns, spot anomalies, and make intelligent decisions, immediately.

Individual tracking revenue on a Dashboard for Exploratory Analysis

Enhanced analytics lead to impactful outcomes

See an uptick in usage with intuitive, query-led data exploration, single-click drill downs, and meaningful visualizations that help business users gain critical context from their data and uncover deeper insights, instantly.

Turn everyday business users into enthusiastic advocates

Drive quick time-to-insight that supports fast data-driven decision making with powerful slice and dice capabilities and information-rich results that empower users to easily explore the “whys” behind the organization’s KPIs.

A women working to move a series of gears together

According to Gartner, “By 2024, 50% of AI investments will be quantified and linked to specific key performance indicators to measure return on investment.”

What’s included

AutoQL’s natural language to database query language translation technology enables anyone to engage in comprehensive exploratory data analysis with ease.

User Experience-Led Technology

AutoQL’s robust functionality enables you to deliver unprecedented data access to your users through natural language.

Optimized Integration Process

Get started, fast. From training data to building language models, we take care of customizing our AI for your unique database.

Flexible Implementation Options

Our API and open-source widgets allow your organization to quickly deploy exploratory analysis functionality however you’d like.

Customer Resources & Support

From our comprehensive onboarding docs to our dedicated support, we’re here to make your job easy.

Deliver the tools users need to conduct advanced exploratory analysis with AutoQL.

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