AutoQL for Business Intelligence & Analytics

Break down barriers to data and expedite time-to-insights with instant and intuitive data experiences built for today’s agile organizations.
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Using business intelligence solutions to access and analyze data

Data on demand enables teams to increase efficiencies, accelerate decision making & drive new revenue.

Your users already know the value of data and they want to leverage that resource at every opportunity. With AutoQL, anyone can get instant answers from their business intelligence solutions, discover insights in real time, and deep-dive into details about their business, faster than ever.


Use Cases

Man using business intelligence solutions dashboard on his tablet

Streamlining Workflows with (Extra) Accessible Insights

Enable users to seamlessly access deeper insights via a conversational user interface alongside the BI tools they already rely on.

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Person working in analytics dashboard as part of their business intelligence solutions on a laptop on a white desk

Democratizing Data Access Across All Levels of an Organization

Bring the power of business intelligence solutions to non-power users with insights anyone can discover autonomously.

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Woman out in a field looking at data from her business intelligence solutions on a tablet

Elevating Out-of-Office Mobile Data Access

Provide unparalleled mobile experiences with a conversational solution that empowers teams to leverage data wherever they are.

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