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AutoQL for Customer Service

Empower customer service teams with unparalleled access to the data they need to solve tickets faster, manage interactions efficiently, and deliver top-tier customer experiences.
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Data on demand enables customer-facing teams to offer elevated experiences with ease & efficiency.

Data reveals what customers really need from service and support teams. With AutoQL, rapidly expedite time-to-resolution and boost customer satisfaction by enabling users to easily get answers and uncover key insights from their data, in real time.


Use Cases

Providing Real-Time Data to Customer Service Agents

Empower everyone on a customer service team to leverage data to provide exceptional customer experiences in real time.

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Empowering Customer Service Teams with Insights on Demand

Make sure users spend more time connecting with customers, not digging through their data for answers and insights.

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Offering Cross-Functional Teams Exceptional Exploratory Analytics

Help every team member quickly find critical customer data they can share across teams to improve aligned strategy.

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