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AutoQL for Manufacturing

Unleash efficiency-enhancing and service-boosting strategies that optimize resources and drive profits with instant, intuitive data access for every member of the manufacturing team.
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Employee moving stock around at a factory based on insights from their manufacturing analytics

Data on demand enables manufacturers to optimize efficiently, build better & sell more.

Data reveals critical trends and highlights anomalies through each stage of the supply chain. With AutoQL, teams can leverage self-serve manufacturing analytics to increase margins and optimize operations by accessing data-rich insights about labor costs, inventory levels, product-line efficiencies, and consumer demand, faster than ever before.



Empower Food Manufacturers with Valuable Consumer Data Insights

Enable anyone to analyze data from various sources – production records, customer purchases,  and suppliers – using self-service analytics.

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Conversational Technology & the Future of Data-Driven Business

Leveraging data to get ahead? Conversational tech is the next-generation solution to database access.

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7 Reasons Data-Driven Businesses Need Conversational AI

Conversational AI makes enterprise data access easy, so teams can act on insights they discover, immediately.

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