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AutoQL for Marketing Organization

Empower every marketing team to rapidly generate leads, optimize campaigns, and boost revenue with instant and intuitive access to data.
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Data on demand enables marketing teams to rapidly turn campaigns & click-throughs into conversions that count.

Data is at the core of every successful marketing strategy. With AutoQL, anyone can get instant answers from their business data and uncover critical insights about their website, ad campaigns, marketing automations, and social platforms, faster than ever.


Use Cases

Streamlining Analytics for Agile SaaS Product Teams

With data on demand, agile teams can make data-driven decisions, faster, and iterate more rapidly than ever before.

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Powering Marketing Strategies with Insights on Demand

Insights at users’ fingertips support real-time decision-making processes that have major impact on growth and success.

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Enhancing Marketing Analytics with Intuitive Data Access

With self-serve data access, teams can drive impactful outcomes with data-backed insights, more efficiently and more often.

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