“Advisory” kind of went the way of the buzzword in the financial services industry: it stopped being meaningful. But we’ve come to understand that advisory is more than just a passing trend or quick way to up-sell your services.

Advisory is about communicating with your clients more effectively and offering them your expertise deliberately, as part of your strategy for longevity and success. We created an Advisory Workbook to help our financial professional customers use CHATA.AI to provide their clients with the advice and expertise they need to thrive.


Things are changing in the accounting ecosystem, but we don’t need to tell you that.

It’s almost 2020 which means… the future is now! Emerging technologies like AI and phenomena like the movement from brick-and-mortar locations to e-commerce have impacted the way that financial professionals do business with their clients. With increased digitization comes increased data. That means more pieces of information your clients want (and need) to understand so that they can scale and succeed.

Technology is making it easier than ever to access and organize data. But there are still barriers to deeply understanding and taking action on the insights that data holds. Your clients have a steep learning curve to overcome. They have to be an expert at their business. To do that, they need to know how to leverage their data. As a financial professional, your clients look to you to analyze the data and make meaning out of their numbers. But, they also need your expertise to understand how to take action and drive change from the information in their data.

This is where true advisory comes in. Earlier this year, our CEO published a Tweet that caused a bit of a stir:

Advisory A-Game

We believe that the value you bring to clients is your ability to say, “Your pipes are leaking in the basement and the first floor bathroom. Here are the parts you need to order and some strategies for solving the problem as quickly as possible. If you want to avoid this problem in the future, here’s how we can mitigate risk going forward.”

Using our Advisory Workbook, you’ll move through what we call the ABCs of Advisory so you can start (or strengthen) your processes around giving your clients the feedback and insights that are crucial for making great decisions in their business.

The ABCs are:


A – Assessing your current state

Knowing what your foundation, or your current state, looks like is the first step in building something new above it. Before you can add new services to your practice, you have to reflect on where those “advisory moments” will fit into your workday and your relationships with your clients.


B – Beyond the KPIs

Your clients’ KPIs are important metrics to provide in your communications. However, it’s much more valuable to give context and actionable steps alongside the data. For example, if a client’s cash balance is low this month, you can show them the amount of money they no longer have on hand. But, you can also tell them why their balance dipped. You can also bring in non-financial data like customer reviews and even qualitative information like work-life balance to give your clients a clear picture of what their metrics really indicate. It’s diving into the whys that makes for valuable advisory (that is, giving your clients a strategic advantage they wouldn’t get if they didn’t have you!)


C – Client empowerment

Your clients want to run exceptional businesses. You’re in a position to help them confidently make choices, take risks, impact their communities, and enjoy life. You are the expert on your clients’ data stories. You can leverage your knowledge to empower your clients to have true ownership over every part of their business. Rather than leaving them to feel overwhelmed by information, fluctuating trends, and uncertainty, giving your clients reliable insight into those whys can bring peace of mind.

It’s the perfect time to start setting those goals for the new year (too early? Never!). Creating a plan and implementing some change management practices can help you hit the ground running.

Get the Advisory Workbook to start planning for and creating processes that increase your value and help you grow your practice.