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Introducing Generative AI for Self-Service Data Analytics to the Chilean Market

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Calgary, AB — September 25, 2023 —, a Canadian tech company focused on developing conversational artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, announces a new strategic partnership with AI Know, a technology consultant in the Chilean market. 

AI Know specializes in researching and analyzing worldwide AI solutions, focusing on those with the highest potential for creating value within the market. Through strategic partnerships with global trailblazers like, AI Know streamlines the deployment of these solutions to businesses, all while offering immediate support.

“In a short timeframe, generative AI will transform all industries, impacting 70% of the workforce and redefining jobs.” –Dan Weitzman, CEO of AI Know

“With this partnership, we aim to revolutionize how businesses access, analyze, and monetize their historical data,” says’s CEO, Kelly Cherniwchan. “By combining’s  proprietary generative AI and advanced machine learning techniques, with AI Know’s expertise and local presence in the Chilean market, businesses can now unlock the full potential of their data assets without compromising on security and safety.”

According to Dan Weitzman, CEO of AI Know, the revolution of generative AI is already underway, representing the imminent frontier of productivity. “In a short timeframe, generative AI will transform all industries, impacting 70% of the workforce and redefining jobs,” states Weitzman. “If companies do not adopt generative AI at this moment, we will find ourselves marginalized in this competition. Our strategic alliance with ensures companies in Chile can stay competitive in this race toward productivity. By seamlessly connecting individuals with enterprise data in real-time, we empower them and enhance their intellectual capacity.” 

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Weitzman adds, “This partnership bestows upon those lacking technical knowledge, superhuman productive abilities and autonomy, eliminating the bureaucracy that hinders the growth of companies in the region. With, the latency between information and action dissolves, paving the way toward unparalleled agility and a future of business excellence.”

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