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Introducing In-The-Moment Decision Intelligence for Stock Market Trading

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At Chata, we’ve been developing conversational AI technologies since our foundation in 2016. Our powerful API-first solution, AutoQL, allows businesses to access their data on the fly with natural language queries and receive answers with lightning speed.

Today, we are happy to announce a new addition to that vision through a strategic partnership with Dialect.

Dialect is a dynamic and first-of-its-kind stock market data application to use AI-driven conversational technologies. Dialect’s application allows traders to ask naturally articulated questions about stocks and trades.

AutoQL enables users to search for data using voice or typed text. Thanks to this new strategic partnership, Dialect can utilize natural language processing (NLP) AI-driven technology.


How can NLP help Dialect Users?

AutoQL’s NLP technology removes the need to memorize long lists of codes or commands. Users can ask their questions naturally, and the algorithm will convert them to the appropriate database inquiry. AutoQL’s AI-powered chat feature allows rapid responses in fast-changing environments like stock trading.

Dialect Chata Data Messenger

With AutoQL, Dialect customers can get the data they need just by
asking questions in their own words.

“We’re pleased to announce our latest collaboration and partnership with Dialect. Together, we recognize that the stock market is a highly dynamic space. To make informed and actionable decisions, people need to be able to access and explore market data more easily.”  said
Chata’s CEO, Kelly Cherniwchan.

This partnership is an exciting way to continue focusing on dynamic, human-database interactions. Our collaborative effort with Dialect produces one of the most exciting recent advancements, both in conversational AI technology and financial investments.

When it comes to trading, every second matters, so the ability to receive instant data-driven information is a tremendous benefit. Our new partnership with Dialect creates a solution that can answer questions just as quickly as you ask them.


Making Dialect Even More Powerful

In addition to a conversational interface, Dialect’s web-based app also includes AutoQL’s customizable dashboards, data alerts, and more. Working together, our companies have created a tool that makes trading more available to a broader pool of users. Newcomers and seasoned experts alike can benefit significantly from these advancements.

The alignment of our business objectives makes this collaboration powerful. This partnership enables decision intelligence to reach the frontlines of the stock market. Stock traders are always on the hunt for any edge they can get. Now, they can accomplish this through cutting-edge AI and human-first design.

“We’ve designed our trading application for traders and investors of all skill levels to use. Each key feature is equipped with pre-sets so you can get started quickly with everything from Data Alerts, to Dashboards, and Data Messenger: an intuitive conversational interface for exploring your data. You can customize any of these features to fit your needs. The potential is limitless.” said Dialect’s CFO, Michael De Los Santos.

Moving forward, Dialect and Chata will continue to develop and deliver intuitive and impactful data access experiences for stock market traders and investors.

Interested to learn more about how AutoQL can boost data accessibility and bring decision intelligence to your business?

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