See What Your Client’s Workday Actually Looks Like 

Ryan is in the midst of launching his own locally-made clothing line. His schedule is packed with meetings with his design team, his seamstresses and pattern makers, wholesalers, investors, and the realtor who’s helping him find the perfect location for the brand’s bricks-and-mortar shop.  

He relies on his smartphone to answer emails, organize his calendar, and stay in touch with his teams, whether he’s in Europe, China, or the States making deals.  

Ryan doesn’t always have time to sit down at his computer to review the financial statements his accountant, Pat, sends him and often opens her emails from his phone but forgets to actually look at his reports.   


Give Your Client Options 

With, Ryan can seamlessly access his financial data whenever he needs via the mobile app (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play).  

All of the reports his accountant shares with him can be found in the app, so there’s no need to keep track of emails or worry about downloading files on the go.  

Ryan can also access operational data like inventory, sales, and customer habits through without having to ask Pat for updates and numbers from her cloud accounting software or call his stock managers about what’s selling out. 


Help Your Client Address Challenges Whenever They Arise 

If Ryan has an urgent question like “What are my total sales this quarter?” minutes before a meeting with a new investor, he can pop into’s Data Chat feature on the Uber ride over and immediately get the answer.  

When he’s meeting with his production manager, he can refer to a Dashboard Pat has built (using questions like “What are the top 10 bestselling items?” and “Show total stock by item”) which shows ongoing inventory levels, making it easy for him to make decisions about what items he should be restocking.  

Thanks to’s commenting feature, Ryan can also see the insights and recommendations Pat has made, directly beside his data visualizations, so he doesn’t have to try to get in touch to ask for clarity when there’s a 13-hour time difference.  

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