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Chata Announces Participation in LVMH La Maison des Startups Accelerator Program

By August 29, 2022September 7th, 2022Company Journey
Calgary, AB – August 29, 2022

LVMH La Maison des Startups Accelerator Program

Canadian Tech Company Chata Announces Participation in LVMH La Maison des Startups Accelerator Program at the STATION F Startup Campus, Paris, France.

In April 2018, LVMH launched La Maison des Startups. An accelerator program developed by LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), La Maison des Startups brings together LVMH’s portfolio of 75 brands, known as Maisons, and innovative startups that offer solutions for the luxury industry.

Each year, the LVMH accelerator program challenges startups to reinvent the future of customer experience. Selected from a pool of over 1500 applicants, Chata is one of 21 international startups welcomed into the program in 2022, and is the only Canadian company joining this year.

The 12-month acceleration program offers startups an immersive experience at the LVMH STATION F campus in Paris. It includes mentorship from senior executives, partnerships with key stakeholders from LVMH Maisons, and networking opportunities with innovative LVMH leaders.

“We are proud to be selected for the 8th season of the LVMH La Maison des Startups program and look forward to exploring all the opportunities with such an innovative group of Maisons.” – Kelly Cherniwchan, Chata CEO.

LVMH La Maison des Startups 

Since its inception in 2018, La Maison des Startups has fostered over 285 collaborations between Maisons and startups. Located at the world’s largest startup campus, Station F in Paris, La Maison des Startups is a global initiative born of LVMH’s entrepreneurial spirit. LVMH aims to revitalize the future of luxury through creativity, innovation, and establishing a community of like-minded professionals committed to reinventing luxury. 

Learn more: La Maison des Startups | LVMH 

Chata’s Self-Service Analytics Driven by Natural Language 

Chata’s API-first solution, AutoQL, empowers non-technical business users with easy-to-use self-service analytics. AutoQL can connect to any database and be embedded in any pre-existing business system. Chata’s fully customizable implementation options allow everyone to access data on-demand without coding or analysis. 

Chata provides a unique customer experience through: 

  • A conversational user interface that enables people to interact with their data using their natural language with a ~90% success rate. 
  • Using AI to dynamically translate natural language queries into SQL statements in real-time. Chata’s AI can also translate natural language into any other database language, freeing analysts to focus on higher-priority tasks. 
  • Simplifying data access by enabling all business users, independent of their geographic region, the language they speak, or their technical expertise, to explore their data warehouse(s) and/or data lakehouse(s), get alerts, and track key metrics by asking questions in their own words.  

“At Chata, we’re passionate about transforming the way people interact with their data, and are looking forward to enabling on-demand data access to empower data-driven decision making at scale.”
– Kelly Cherniwchan, Chata CEO

Now, luxury brands can ask data questions and receive instant answers. Chata’s Data Messenger widget connects team members with their data in real-time, eliminating the need for different departments to run reports. Chata simplifies business intelligence for team members of every skill level with everyday language query capability and modifiable data visualizations. Companies using Chata commonly experience an increase in average order values and profit margins.  

Learn more about Chata and our AI-Driven Analytics solution, AutoQL. 

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