Plan to Exceed Expectations  

Evelyn is an accountant who’s compiling a detailed receivables analysis for a major construction company that has a couple hundred clients throughout Western Canada.  

The company is interested in understanding their customers’ payment habits because their clients range from government bodies to private property owners and residential developers. 

Evelyn knows that her client is familiar with the numbers, but she wants to be able to tell them why their numbers are what they are.  

Her analysis should help them make major decisions and flesh out next steps for the company.  


Leverage Tech to Make a Complex Job Comprehensive  

Rather than sifting through several sources of data to make calculations that she would then translate into insights for her client, Evelyn creates a purpose-built Dashboard in, and simply asks for the information she’s looking for.  

She queries: “Average days to pay invoices by customer last year.” She displays the resulting number against “Average days to pay invoices over $50,000 by customer last year.”  

Evelyn immediately discovers that it takes clients almost twice as long to pay invoices above $50,000. But, when she drills down into the average, she sees that there are two large customers who take a month and a half longer to pay than the majority of the company’s other clients.  

When she drills down into those individual customers’ totals, she sees that one of the two customers hires the company often and is a very valuable revenue stream.  

Gathering these details takes Evelyn about five minutes.  


Give Clients the Advice They Need to Succeed 

Evelyn can present her findings to her clients alongside some recommendations about how to proceed with their important clients whose late payments are really affecting AR. She quickly and easily compiles the “what” so that she can assess the “why” of the patterns in her client’s receivables. 

She lets the construction company know that it might be a good idea to put that client on a better payment plan, or implement a line of credit in order to make sure those big bills are paid, and their top customer is happy.  


Save Time, Deliver Exceptional Service 

By allowing’s AI-driven system to fetch the information she needed, Evelyn easily discovers insights from the underlying details in the data, without spending extra time delving into different dimensions and scenarios.  

Creating easy-to-understand visualizations to effectively present the information is as easy as asking questions, so she saves even more time explaining her findings to the decision-makers at the construction company.  

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