See How Your Clients Use Tech to Run Their Business  

Ava is a tech entrepreneur who runs a boutique website development company out of her offices in Toronto.  

She’s actively expanding her company to the UK. She frequently flies back and forth between continents to meet with investors and her Manchester-based team.  

She’s relied on a great accounting firm in Mississauga since she started out as a freelance web designer years ago so she’s reluctant to move on from that trusted relationship.  


Adapt Your Services to Fit Your Clients’ Needs 

Ava needs to be able to see her business information when it’s most convenient for her.  

To support their valued client’s tech-forward business, the firm decides to set up to give Ava access to her numbers whenever it works best for her.  

Even if it’s 2am in Toronto, Ava can see up-to-the-minute financial data right before a 10am meeting in Manchester without having to call her accountant. With, Ava can pop into Data Chat and get immediate answers to the questions she has about her financials before she presents to investors or meets with her team. 


Share Your Expertise Seamlessly 

Previously, Ava’s accountant didn’t have the capacity to field her calls at all hours, or to prepare last-minute reports when she requested them. Through, Ava can deeply engage with the Reports and customized Dashboards that her accountant prepares, whenever it fits into her schedule. 

She finds greater value in her accountant’s deliverables because facilitates quick, meaningful communication with sharing and commenting functions within the app. 

She has access to all the details and insights her accountant gathers even when she’s on the go. Neither party needs to hunt for exported documents, keep track of email threads, or worry about time zones when attempting to touch base. 


Nurture Relationships to Boost Your Success 

By giving Ava strategic access to the data that matters most to her expanding business, the firm retained her hard-earned loyalty without disrupting their workflow.  

The firm boosted the value of their services by seamlessly meeting her needs and exceeding her expectations.  

Ava loves referring other entrepreneurs to the firm, even if they’re based internationally, because she knows they can provide exceptional service whenever, wherever.

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