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Decisions with Business Data

Your time is finite.
Your potential isn’t.

Automate all of your data organization and get straight to the information that accelerates your success.

See how makes connecting with your business data easy.


Answer critical questions at the speed of thought

Find important insights that used to take days to discover. With Data Chat, fetch exactly what you’re searching for whenever you need it.

Reporting on Business Data
Dashboard with Business Data

Find opportunities and fix problems, faster

Pull real-time data for your most critical metrics with customizable Dashboards you can build for any aspect of your business.

Free yourself from spreadsheet scavenger hunts

Collect and share information seamlessly with automated Reports you create once to pull data on schedule and run ad-hoc Reports in seconds.

Business Data in Report
cash flow forecasting

Take strategic risks that boost revenue

Plan for growth and confidently call the next shots with zero-effort Cash Flow Forecasting.

Finding insights and getting the data you need is as easy as asking questions like…

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