This update includes:

  1. DIY one-click reporting
  2. Reconciliation Status

1. DIY one-click reporting

With this new feature, you can now build your customized reporting templates in just a few clicks.

Step 1: Under your templates folder, click “+ New Template” and name your template


Step 2: Begin building your template by clicking in the “+ Add New Query” box and typing in your query. Keep adding queries until you think you’ve got all of your questions covered.

  • You can test your query by clicking the to the right of the query

Step 3: You can re-order your queries by dragging and dropping them into the position you want.

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with your template hit ‘Save’

Now your template is ready to go!

You can go back at any time to add or edit your queries by simply clicking into your template and click edit.

If you shared your template with other users in the organization, when you make changes to the Master Copy, the changes will appear in their account as well. Sharing a template with other users within an organization is a great tool so others can run the reports they need, when they need it.

Tip >>> If you want to add on to a template that was shared with you, open the template and  simply need to hit the ‘Save As’ button. This will allow you to save your own version within the templates you’ve created. Then go ahead and click edit to change the template to fit your needs. This new template will not receive updates when the Master Copy is updated.

2. Reconciliation Status

When you log in to your organization and click on an active project you will now see a blue banner at the top:

This date is the oldest unreconciled transaction in your account. In other words, if you missed reconciling a transaction, or there is a discrepancy in your data – this date represents that last time all your data was reconciled properly.

Tip >>> Not sure which transaction is unreconciled? Simply query “all unreconciled transactions.” To see which transactions need your attention.

Let us know if you have any questions

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