This update includes:

  1. Dashboards
  2. Notifications

1. Dashboards

 “Pardon me, but your dashboard is showing…” said every partner when showing off our latest feature to their clients.

Our latest dashboard feature is a great way to check in on the vital stats of your business. From expenditures and upcoming bills to top customers and cash on hand, your dashboard is a simple way for business advisors and business owners to get a high-level snapshot into their business and it comes with every Premium account.

You can click a data point within a module on the dashboard to drill-down and see the details.

Right now, the dashboard is pre-set, but don’t worry – customizable dashboards are coming soon. With our customizable dashboards you will be able to edit the modules using your natural language, change ordering, and add and delete modules of your choice.

2. Notifications

Now, you will receive a notification when a report is shared with you, and whenever someone comments on your report.

You can access all of your push-notifications in the app from the notification icon next to your username and avatar.


You can also opt-in to receive notifications by text message (SMS) or email.

Let us know if you have any questions

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