Our team has been hard at work with some powerful updates. These new features give you the ability to get deeper insights and collaborate on reports and templates.

1. Drill downs

Drill downs allow you to get deeper with your data.

Simply ask a question such as “All expenses per month for the last six months” Then click click on piece of data that was returned – in this case you can click on one of the months or monthly sums. Below the query, a new area will appear displaying the individual line items that pertain to the calculation completed in the original query, in this case all of the monthly expenses for that particular month.

You can drill down into charts and graphs too.

Simply click on a segment of the graph and a new area will appear below displaying the individual line items that pertain to the calculation completed in the original query.

Get Multi-dimensional!

Two-dimensional drill downs require that the query contain at least two pieces of information.

  1. A groupable – similar to a `row` in a traditional pivot table. Some examples of groupables are listed below:
    – per client
    – by supplier
    – for each fiscal quarter
    – per product/service
  2. An aggregation; in a pivot table this is called a `value`.
    Some examples of aggregations are the following:
    – total sales
    – sum of my expenses
    – average expense

Three dimensional or multi-dimensional queries require the addition of another groupable.

Check out some of these multi-dimensional queries, and how easy the drill-down feature makes it to get the details:

  • sales per class per month
  • sales per product per month
  • heat map sales per class per month

What are the benefits of Drill Downs for the end user?

“Often when I do a demo of chata.ai I get asked ‘can I click on that pie chart and see the details?’, I’m very happy to now say “yes!”. The new drill down feature gives our customers the ability to quickly dig into their data at the click of a button. This is the beauty of exploratory analytics.” – Kari Viccars, Director, Marketing & Customer Success

“Drill downs allow users to quickly dive into interesting or important results without needing to ask follow up questions. For example, when you ask ‘total sales per customer this month’  you may notice that one customer has higher than expected sales. You can click on the row you are interested in to get an invoice by invoice breakdown for that customer.” – Jamie Toyoda, Back-end Software Developer

2. Share reports with your logo

You asked, we answered. You can now customize the reports that you send out from chata.ai to individual users.

Simply, go to the admin tab within your organization, click ‘partner customization’ and then upload your logo. You will see a preview of what your emails will look like to the other users within your organization.

Other new and notable features:

  • Sharing templates with other users within the organization
  • Renaming reports

Let us know if you have any questions

Want to see these new features in action? Log-in or sign-up for a chata.ai account today or contact one of our Customer Success team members and sign-up for a personalized demo.


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