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Find answers and make data-backed decisions, fast, with Data Chat 

Discover insights in your data in seconds and turn them into growth-driving decisions in minutes. Effortlessly search for and find the information you need, so you can get back to boosting revenue and reaching goals.  

Just type your questions and Data Chat fetches the data for you. You can ask:

  • Which service brings in the most revenue?
  • Show me invoices from the last two weeks
  • Average days to pay per customer?
  • Compare total sales per product for the last three months

Keep an eye on KPIs from multiple data sources with Dashboards 

Spot opportunities and solve problems when you organize your data in customizable Dashboards. Create as many different Dashboards as you need with unparalleled flexibility. Get a comprehensive overview of every part of your business and drill down into details with a click.  

Create flexible Dashboards to keep on top of information like:  

  • Tracking your AR, AP, and cash flow forecast in one screen 
  • Sales trends and customer habits alongside historical weather data and customer reviews
  • Inventory and top selling products paired with revenue and COGs details 
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Take action on your information with flexible automated Reports

Free yourself from spreadsheet scavenger hunts and static reports. See the data you need in easy-to-understand visualizations. Build your Report Templates once and schedule them to pull metrics whenever you want. 

Take advantage of Reports to: 

  • Eliminate the time you spend creating and re-creating regular reports 
  • Display business health in straightforward graphs and pivot tables 
  • Communicate with your team or clients in-app, no email necessary  

Strategize for success with Cognitive Cash Flow Forecasting

See future roadblocks today with a zero-effort forecast. Get the foresight that informs powerful, revenue-driving decisions. Always know where your cash flow is going so you can take calculated risks when opportunity knocks.  

The Cognitive Cash Flow Forecast difference: 

  • No manual data entry or adjustments required, your forecast is based on historical data 
  • Hands-free, rolling forecast improves as more data enters the system 
  • Includes yearly cyclicality and learns customer behavior to better reflect real trends 
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Multi-App Integration

Connect all of your cloud accounting and payment processor software platforms. See a complete overview of your business, all in one application.

Weather Data

Give crucial context to customer patterns and purchasing habits when you add historical weather data to your operational information.

COMING SOON! Customer Reviews

See customer reviews alongside financial and operational trends. Get a 360° view of the business and find the “why” behind your numbers.

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