Business data just became the hottest thing in bed.

We are excited to announce is now available from your mobile device. Now you can access your business data anytime and from anywhere – even from bed. Available on Android and iOS. Read more…


Beautiful AI meets beautiful accounting software as releases its Xero beta

Become a Xero Innovator! We’re live with our Xero beta and we need your feedback. Use Premium for free with Xero for an extended period of time. All we ask is that you let us know what you think!


Feature updates:

Our team has been hard at work to bring your even more ways to chat with your data. Check out our latest updates:

Query News Flash:

We are training more and more queries everyday! You can now ask chata about:

Are we missing something? Make a feature request!

Derek Deacon-Rogers, Founder GenerousTickets, has a traditional relationship with his accountant, they meet a couple times a year and although he gets great advice, he’d like easier access to his day-to-day questions. He fears this comes at a cost. And when every penny counts, that doesn’t make cents. Or, does it? Learn more….

Education is a great tool to help business owners tap into their business data and accountants and bookkeepers evolve into trusted advisors for their clients. In these videos we will show you you can easily start using




Our team is working hard to provide the best possible education content. If there's anything you would like to learn more about, please connect with us at

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