Why business data just became the hottest thing in bed.

By June 27, 2018News

June 27, 2018 – Calgary, AB, Canada

chata.ai, the AI app that is rapidly rolling out across the accounting software eco-system, announced today that it has gone mobile.

…entrepreneurs often do their strategic business thinking at unusual times and from unusual places
Kari Viccars, Director of Marketing and Customer Success, chata.ai

Now available on iOS and Android, chata.ai’s mission is to give everyday people easy access to their business data, anytime and from anywhere – even from their bed.

“Our user research shows that entrepreneurs often do their strategic business thinking at unusual times and from unusual places,” says Kari Viccars, chata.ai’s Director of Customer Success. “Ideas and questions dawn on them when they have quiet time – from bed, in the shower, in an uber on the way to a meeting. And they often need business data to determine the best path forward.”

We have customers who, before chata.ai, would send emails and leave messages for their accountants and bookkeepers in the middle of the night and they’d expect immediate answers. This pressure can be very frustrating for both parties. Mobile access and easy answers is the solution, it’s win-win.”

To get access to chata.ai mobile a user must simply set up a free account at app.chata.ai, connect to their QBO or Xero account and download the mobile app from the iOS or Android store. Users can give free access to their accountant or bookkeeper.

chata.ai has a network of QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors and Xero Partners who can support entrepreneurs in developing efficient accounting and business decision making practices. For referrals, contact us at chata@qxw.f61.mwp.accessdomain.com.

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Inquiries: Kari Viccars | kari@qxw.f61.mwp.accessdomain.com |587-435-5274


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