Derek Deacon-Rogers, Founder + CEO, GenerousTickets

In the Wit + Wisdom series we’re connecting directly with business owners to get the dirt on accounting, financial decisions and what keeps them up at night. We get their insights on the value of trusted financial advice and getting better access to answers from their business data.

Bootstrapped from the beginning, Derek had a vision of making the world a more generous place. This dream took the form of a social enterprise called GenerousTickets, where he helps non-profit agencies give their events a proper transaction hub all while giving back half the net profits from the event fees.

Derek has a traditional relationship with his accountant, they meet a couple times a year and although he gets great advice, he’d like easier access to his day-to-day questions. He fears this comes at a cost. And when every penny counts, that doesn’t make cents. Or, does it?

The time I spend putting together my manual financial report is time not spent on business development, customer service… it takes me away from actually growing the business.

Explore Derek’s journey and his vision for the future of GenerousTickets.

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