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Easy-to-use chat-style interface

Ask questions or type your queries into a secure conversation interface, like how you would on Google or ChatGPT but for your proprietary business data. It’s that easy.

Chat-style-interface for Business Leaders -
Data Access without Complexity - Business Leaders-

Data access without the complexity

Get answers to your data-related queries, track important metrics, receive alerts to prompt action, and gain insights into business changes. No technical training or coding required.

Data Access without Complexity - Business Leaders-

Customizable alerts and dashboards

Don’t waste time waiting for information. Get instant insights exactly when you need them so you can take action with Data Alerts and dynamic Dashboards.

Customizable Alerts and Dashboards - Business Leaders -
Streamline Workflows Business Leaders with

Streamlined workflows

Use the Microsoft Teams and Excel integration to boost productivity. Easily visualize and share data, collaborate with your peers, and confidently make data-driven decisions.

Streamline Workflows Business Leaders with

Stay up-to-date when on the go

With the mobile version, you can track important metrics and receive valuable insights anywhere. Be the first to know what has changed and understand the reasons behind it. allows users to access data from anywhere

Get direct access to detailed data

We connect to all major data warehouses:

Self-service analytics for every business user

By 2025

Nearly all employees naturally and regularly leverage data to support their work.They’re empowered to ask how innovative data techniques could resolve challenges.


Of industry leaders increase revenue from AI adoption, top-performers are 3x more likely to see gains >10%.


Of organizations will invest in data and analytics governance by 2024.

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5 Key Benefits of Self-Service Analytics

Self-service analytics platforms enable business users to explore data independently — without using IT and Data Analyst resources. Learn why this could be an advantage for your business.

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AutoQL Pilot Process

The Pilot stage is to validate that has developed an effective, viable language model for the customer, as demonstrated through successful experiences with the model.

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The Technology Behind AutoQL

This white paper helps users understand the value of the technology we developed as we built AutoQL into a powerful conversational AI solution for database access.

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Self-Service Data Access for Data-Driven Decision Making

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