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Create a Modern Data-Driven Environment with Self-Service Analytics

“Self-Service Analytics is a form of business intelligence (BI) in which line-of-business professionals are enabled and encouraged to perform queries and generate reports on their own, with nominal IT support.” – Gartner

Enable Smarter Decisions with Chata

Our self-service approach enables your organization and users to quickly access and analyze data at scale, simply by asking questions in their own words – for in-the-moment decision making.

Data Messenger for unparalleled data access.

Provide your users with a tool like no other. A simple chat-style interface enables everyone with self-service access to pull detailed data intuitively. Take the burden from your tech team by allowing your users direct data access that doesn’t require analysts to perform database queries (MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, Snowflake, OData, etc).

Data Alerts for data-driven action.

Set your users up for success by never missing another opportunity through lack of awareness or waiting on IT — custom data alerts can be set up in seconds using natural language. Provide push notifications instantly when certain company metrics or thresholds are met, calling users’ attention where it’s needed most.

Dashboards for real-time insights.

Make company, team, and individual KPI monitoring a breeze with easy-to-navigate and customizable Dashboards. Free your analyst team from fetching data for others and provide a user-friendly chat-style interface that enables anyone with quick self-service access to vital business information and insights.

Give business users direct access to detailed data from your data warehouse

We connect to all major data warehouses:

“Microsoft Azure customers can use AutoQL to streamline access to data for everyone from executives to analysts and front-line workers. Chata’s integration with Azure has resulted in a solution that brings innovation enabling strategic actions to be taken right away, an advantage that benefits businesses of all sizes.”

Suzanne GaglieseOne Commercial Partner Lead, Microsoft Canada

“Employing Chata’s Decision Intelligence within Dialect allows users (DIY investors or financial professionals alike) to access and analyze stock market data quickly and efficiently. Providing this capability sets Dialect apart because, now anyone can make data-driven decisions by simply asking questions, filtering data, and setting alerts in seconds.”

Anthony TrzeciakCEO, Dialect

Accelerate from Data to Decisions with Self-Serve

Chata offers a fast and simple AI that focuses on ease of use and simplicity.
Our API-first approach makes it easy to launch secure deployment across numerous platforms, with cloud support and access from multiple devices.

  • Our AI enables secure self-service access to your entire organization’s data warehouse. Eliminate manual entity labeling, canned data set creation, and data mapping.
  • Eliminate the learning curve for business users, and get fast, painless implementation and adoption. There’s no need to train users one-by-one because our solution’s usability is immediate.
  • Your organizations’ technical team has plenty to do. Take tedious work off their plate and stop waiting for them to complete worker requests.
  • Access and filter detailed data without learning code, simply by harnessing Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to converse in everyday text.
  • Quickly and easily access real-time data to make in-the-moment decisions through a conversational interface. Removed restrictions mean continued business growth.
  • Answer data questions, track key metrics, and get alerts to take appropriate action. All while understanding what is changing and why.

Democratize decision-making power across your organization


of companies that have fully embraced AI have seen an improvement in their decision-making.


of large organizations will have analysts practicing decision intelligence by 2023.


of C-levels say that most of their decision-making time is used ineffectively.

Chata’s Process

Chata gives IT, data analysts, and decision-makers everything they need to implement and support AI-driven solutions across any organization.

Our API-first approach provides organizations with open-source widgets for customization, training data generation for accuracy, and unique model building for distinct data values. With our low-touch implementation process, you can get AI models into production in weeks—not quarters.

Endless Use Cases for Modern Self-Service Analytics

Luxury Goods

Retail & Apparel

Financial Services


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