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Empower Your Team with Self-Service Analytics and Real-Time Data Access

Accelerate data-driven decision-making and eliminate repetitive reporting tasks. With AutoQL empower your non-technical users to access real-time data with ease, increase productivity and reduce the demand on the technical team – all while ensuring the highest data security.

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You’re in good company

Implement game-changing features in just 3 hours or less & instantly boost the value you bring to every user

Empower users with natural language-driven data access and self-service data analytics. AutoQL’s open source widgets are totally customizable and can be integrated in just a couple of hours.

Monetize insights as an asset & transform data-powered workflows.

Exceed the data demands of today’s users with leading-edge self-service data analytics features. Leverage our developer-trusted API and flexible widgets to embed natural language-driven tools that make data discovery as simple as typing a question.

AutoQL Self Service Analytics

What makes AutoQL’s self-service analytics different?

No SQL code. No user training. No information delay.

Leave Training Data Generation to Us

We know generating training data is a complex and labor-intensive process. With machine learning, we rapidly generate a high-quality training corpus based on the structure and contents of your unique database using automated techniques. This serves as a foundation for our next step: building a custom language model for you.

We Build You a Custom Language Model

Using our proprietary generative AI technology, we build and train a custom language model specific to your database. Equipped to enable the real-time translation of natural language to database query language (SQL) — including dynamically generating multi-table joins — this enables you to deliver frictionless data experiences.

Leverage Our Flexible Implementations

Easily customize the look and feel of our flexible front-end components to align with your branding and complement your existing interface. Build freely on top of our API or embed our open-sourced widgets within your existing interface. Our technology uses CPU Inference ensuring it’s lightweight and cost-effective for you.

Give business users direct access to detailed data from your data warehouse

We connect to all major data warehouses:

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AI technology built for unparalleled human experience.

 AutoQL takes the hassle out of data access and eliminates the tedious back-and-forth of typical chat-based services. Our robust technology guarantees that users have exceptional conversational data experiences, every time.

Custom, searchable catalogue of natural language queries to get your users started, fast.

Catches and verifies references to unique data, so users always receive the data they need.

Automatically populates similar query suggestions as users type, so they get results quickly.

Clarifies meaning behind ambiguous queries, leading to efficient and accurate responses.

Enable data-driven decision making on the go with mobile widgets

Provide access to real-time data users need to do their jobs out of office, in the field, and beyond on their smartphone or tablet.

✓ Easy-to-deploy mobile components
✓ Secure database access, anywhere
✓ Seamless user experience on every device

Get industry-leading tips on levelling-up with self-service data analytics driven by natural language

Data Access Assessment Tool for your Organization

Understand how effective your data processes are & get action items for improving data accessibility across every department. 

Conversational AI: The Technology Behind AutoQL

This white paper is for users looking to understand the value of the technology we’ve developed to build AutoQL into a powerful conversational AI solution for database access.

Conversational Technology & the Future of Data-Driven Business

Leveraging data to get ahead? Conversational UI technology sets a new standard for the quality and speed of digital interactions in the software we use every day.

Get data into the hands of every user, fast, with AutoQL.

Get started on your AutoQL integration

Our team of experts is here for you from discovery to deployment, and beyond.

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Everything you need to build, maintain, and scale your AutoQL investment.