Deliver new value & enhanced functionality, fast, with Dashboards powered by AutoQL

Democratize the data in your application and deliver extended reporting and analytics capabilities to all your users with Dashboards you can build and deploy in a snap.
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Add powerful features without added effort

Embed the reporting functionality your users are demanding through our customizable, easy-to-implement frontend components. With Dashboards powered by AutoQL, it’s incredibly simple to create dynamic, at-a-glance overviews that display the metrics that matter. Set up default Dashboards for your users, provide flexible templated options, or give your users the option to build their own from scratch.

Boost engagement with extended capabilities

Level-up your feature functionality and add new value to your application with Dashboards you can easily implement wherever, and however, you’d like. Offer an ongoing snapshot of your users’ data through comprehensive, interactive visualizations so they get even more out of their experience in your software.

Let the data do the talking for you

With a low-touch approach that puts reporting and analytical horsepower in the hands of your users, steer your team out of maintenance mode, shift productivity into high gear, and drive your bottom line. Leave the endless firehose of ad hoc data requests in your rearview and keep your team’s time and resources locked on growth.

Provide unparalleled access to data at scale

Stay ahead of the competition, even as you grow, by delivering advanced self-serve options that position you on the leading edge of user demand. Meet your users’ unique reporting needs within the application you already build and never worry about losing them to third-party business intelligence or reporting tools again.

According to Gartner, “By 2021, NLP and conversational analytics will boost analytics and business intelligence adoption from 35% of employees to over 50%.”

How Dashboards Work

Employing the foundational natural language to database query language translation technology behind AutoQL and flexible open source components, easily embed Dashboards however you want, within any part of your app interface. Quickly build and deploy a range of default Dashboards to display the information your users regularly request, or give your users the ability to set up their own customized Dashboards using natural language queries to access and display the information they’re interested in.

AutoQL Dashboard

Single-Click Drill Downs

Give users instant access to the details underlying high-level data points, allowing them to gain critical context and uncover important insights in just seconds.

Dynamic Visualizations

Empower your users to understand and explore their data stories by providing them with on-demand access to compelling data visualizations, from easy-to-understand charts and graphs to comprehensive pivot tables.

Implement Dashboards and the power of AutoQL in your application!

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