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Inspire data-driven action with custom Data Alerts

Set users up for success with alerts that keep a pulse on data changes and notify them when it counts.

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Checking Data Alerts

Push updates to users as changes happen with completely customizable Data Alerts anyone can set up in seconds.

New Data Alerts

What makes AutoQL Data Alerts different?

Skip complex configuration. AutoQL technology enables powerful Data Alerts tailored to unique needs with natural language. Open-source components make it easy to embed Alerts anywhere. 

Data Alerts monitor the metrics that matter

Gain immediate insights as changes happen. Eliminate the chore of checking on dashboards and building out custom reports, and help users focus on better decision intelligence.  

Boost production with automatic data delivery

Data Alerts deliver critical updates that enable in-the-moment decisions based on up-to-date information. 

Instant insights for everyone at scale

Serve data automatically to anyone who needs it. Slash time-to-insight and free your IT team from reporting requests.

Get ahead of the curve with data on demand

Exceed expectations in today’s data-driven world. Data Alerts detect discrepancies and opportunities and enable better business decisions to meet goals quickly.

According to Forrester, “Insights-driven firms are growing at an average of more than 30% annually and are on track to grow eight times faster than global GDP.”

How Data Alerts work for your IT team

✓ Depend on us to customize AutoQL to fit your database architecture and business domain.

✓ Easily integrate AI-driven Data Alerts through our API.

✓ Deploy front-end components in just 2-3 hours.

✓ Set up business-wide Data Alerts in seconds through an intuitive, natural language workflow.

How Data Alerts work for your users

✓ Ditch the dashboards and get real-time data delivered whenever it’s needed.

✓ Spot issues before they become roadblocks and act on opportunities as soon as they arise.

✓ Keep business insights top-of-mind with relevant data on demand.

✓ Decision-makers gain better data visibility and can keep a pulse on the industry without sifting through information.

Unlock actionable insights for any data-driven business.

Ad Hoc Reporting 

Get seamless access to critical business information with data on demand.

Exploratory Analysis

Dive into details, explore trends, and discover insights instantly.

Streamlined Workflows 

Boost productivity and get the job done faster with no coding required.

Instant Data Alerts

Natural Language Means Alerts for All

Zero learning-curve setup means anyone on your team can create Data Alerts. Even the most complex condition sets take seconds to configure with our intuitive workflow.

Deliver Actionable Data — Anywhere

Set alerts to appear when instant insights are most vital to enable better business intelligence. Data Alerts deliver information to on-the-go users with updates in the palm of their hand on any device.

Quick & Seamless Deployment

Data Alerts are easy to embed via our API and open-source widgets. We provide comprehensive Developer Docs and ongoing support to help you see ROI ASAP.

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Deliver the power of instant insights & data on-demand without the headaches

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