Provide unparalleled data experiences with the world’s first Data Messenger

Deliver the power of AutoQL to your users through Data Messenger, a state-of-the-art conversational interface you can easily build into your existing application.
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Data Messenger makes data access simple

Seamlessly embed a conversational interface in your software that connects users with their data via AutoQL’s natural language to database query language translation technology. Data Messenger is an intuitive way for users to interact with their data, just by typing requests in everyday language.

What makes Data Messenger different

Data Messenger allows you to deliver exceptional data interaction experiences and enhanced database access using the power of conversational AI, backed by technology that’s built to ensure excellent communication between human and machine, without the rigamarole of traditional conversational interfaces.

Democratize the power of independent data access at scale 

Capitalize on your team’s full potential instead of allocating key resources to ad hoc requests. Empower your users to leverage their data in your application (no data management experience required!) with an intuitive option for finding answers to their data-centric questions, whenever they need.

Boost user engagement through frictionless data experiences 

Never lose your users to third-party business intelligence tools again and watch the value of your software skyrocket with the addition of an embedded messenger interface that gives users the power to gain insights from their data, from anywhere in your application, within seconds.

Lead your industry with cutting-edge functionality

Stay steps ahead of your competition with enhanced functionality and a state-of-the-art digital experience that exceeds user expectations and surpasses the status-quo. Ensure you deliver the in-demand capabilities your users need to uncover actionable data insights they can’t find anywhere else.

According to Gartner, “By 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset, and analytics as an essential competency.”

How Data Messenger works for you

Data Messenger is a flexible front end widget that allows users to interact with their data through natural language. Take advantage of our open source components and comprehensive developer resources to rapidly build, embed, and deploy a completely customized conversational interface within your application.

How Data Messenger works for your users

Using natural language (their own words), users simply type their data-related questions into the messenger-style interface you’ve embedded in your application and immediately receive the data they need in easy-to-understand visualizations that make sense to them.

Single-Click Drill Downs

Give users instant access to the details underlying high-level data points, allowing them to gain critical context and uncover important insights in just seconds.

Dynamic Visualizations

Empower your users to understand and explore their data stories by providing them with on-demand access to compelling data visualizations, from easy-to-understand charts and graphs to comprehensive pivot tables.

Tool Bar

Enable users to copy and paste information to a desired location, quickly download their results as a CSV or PDF, or edit columns and filter tables, all from the comfort of your built-in messenger interface.

Exceptional user experience comes first

We know that human conversation is complex. Data Messenger handles the nuances of how people communicate so that accessing data via our conversational AI technology is intuitive, easy, and incredibly efficient.

Custom, searchable catalogue of natural language queries to get your users started, fast.

Catches and verifies references to unique data, so users always receive the data they need.

Automatically populates similar query suggestions as users type, so they get results quickly and easily.

Clarifies meaning behind ambiguous queries, leading to efficient and accurate responses.

Implement Data Messenger and the power of AutoQL in your application!

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