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Self-service analytics and NLP data exploration for your business users

Shrink your reporting backlog

Reduce the ever-growing demand for data collection, storage, retrieval, and access by providing your business users to answer their own data questions. When users can discover answers to their own questions autonomously, you can focus on higher-value analysis.

self-service analytics for data exploration
Streamline work with easy data access

Streamline your work

Achieve your goals and tackle more meaningful projects with ease. Say goodbye to the stress of dealing with data issues or cleansing and tedious data requests. Now you can focus on the big picture and work on projects that truly drive value for the organization.

Peace of mind security and control of your data

Feel confident in the tools you’re implementing. is SOC 2 Type II compliant and evokes a high level of security by deploying its proprietary technology within each enterprise’s cloud or on-premise, so no data ever leaves your enterprise’s environment.

Data Teams - Security
Control of information - Integrator Portal

Intuitive admin portal for easy visibility of usage

We’ve created a unique Integrator Portal to help you implement our API-first solution and effectively monitor your data and users. Our easy-to-navigate interface gives you total visibility into common query trends, what database query statements are being generated and what data is in highest demand.

Empower your users with self-service data exploration

With’s easy-to-use conversational interface, your users can ask questions in natural language and get answers in seconds. Making it easy to dig into the details and discover insights within the organization’s data source. allows users to access data from anywhere

Give your business users direct access to detailed data

We connect to all major data warehouses:’s process gives data teams, IT, and decision-makers everything they need to implement and support AI-driven solutions across any organization.

Our API-first approach provides organizations with open-source widgets for customization, training data generation for accuracy, and unique model building for distinct data values. With our low-touch implementation process, you can get AI models into production in weeks—not quarters.

Democratize decision-making power across your organization

By 2025

Nearly all employees naturally and regularly leverage data to support their work.They’re empowered to ask how innovative data techniques could resolve challenges.


of Chief Data Officers believe that focusing on a small set of key analytics or AI projects can deliver the most value compared to other activities.


CDOs met objective on ROI from data and analytics investment.

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Conversational AI: The Technology Behind AutoQL

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How Data Teams Utilize

Alleviate analyst data requests with easy-to-use self-service analytics. When business users can access the information in the data warehouse, they no longer need to disrupt data teams for information to make accurate decisions.

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AutoQL Pilot Process

The goal of the Pilot stage is to validate that has developed an effective, viable language model for the customer, as demonstrated through successful end-users experiences with the model.

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Empower your business users with self-service analytics

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