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Get instant insights and make data-driven decisions about your business simply by asking a question. Now you can leverage all your business’ data with AutoQL for Microsoft Teams.

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Ad Hoc Reporting 

Get seamless access to your most critical business information with AutoQL for Microsoft Teams.

Exploratory Analysis

Dive into your business’ details, explore trends, and discover insights, instantly, all while working within Microsoft Teams.

Streamlined Workflows 

Utilize AutoQL within Microsoft Teams to increase and boost your productivity and get the job done faster.

Discover how AutoQL empowers you and your team to gain instant insights & make data-driven decisions.
Conversational Technology & the Future of Data-Driven Business with Microsoft

The Future of Business is Conversational

Accessing and analyzing data should be as simple as having a conversation. Learn how AutoQL bridges the gap.

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Hand holding mobile phone in sparkling light as an example of conversational user interfaces

Ad Hoc Reporting, On Your Terms

Tired of waiting on reports and delaying important decisions? Start exploring your data on demand with AutoQL.

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Person working in analytics dashboard as part of their business intelligence solutions on a laptop on a white desk

Democratizing Data Access for Everyone

Business users can finally self-serve their own analytics and BI needs, simply by asking questions in natural language.

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Streamline workflows, collaborate easily with your peers, and make data-driven decisions, faster, with AutoQL for Microsoft Teams.

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