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Based in Calgary, Canada, the team behind Chata is a passionate group of engineers, developers, scientists & data-obsessed nerds working hard to make it possible for everyone to leverage data to make great business decisions that boost their bottom line.

Our leadership is backed by decades of experience innovating in the tech, healthcare, and finance industries. We love solving the difficult problem of data accessibility just as much as we love a good Star Wars reference or a Grammy-worthy performance at karaoke night.


Our vision is to transform the way people interact with their data. We create intuitive user interfaces that facilitate a conversational experience, so that no matter how large or complex the database, accessing data it holds is as easy as ordering a coffee.

Chata’s innovation started with a frustration with how difficult it is to access and fully utilize the high volumes of important data that running a business produces. We wanted to be able to simply ask for the data we needed to make critical business decisions. So, we built machine learning models that make it possible to do just that: type in requests or questions and have the system search the data to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Data is a quickly growing resource and we believe that getting the answers and insights you need from your data should be as seamless as possible.

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