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Based in Calgary, Canada, the team behind Chata is a passionate group of data scientists, engineers, developers, and data-obsessed nerds working hard to transform the way people interact with, experience, and leverage their data.

Our leadership is backed by decades of experience innovating in the tech, healthcare, and finance industries. We love solving the difficult problem of data accessibility just as much as we love a good Star Wars reference or a Grammy-worthy performance at a team karaoke night (if “Grammy-worthy” were synonymous with “A for effort”).

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We believe that humans should be able to interact with computers as seamlessly and intuitively as they do with other humans.

The catalyst for Chata’s innovation stemmed from our own experiences of accessing and working with business data. When it came to making informed decisions and driving strategic action, we knew firsthand the critical importance of data. But we also knew that accessing the data itself was profoundly difficult to do.

We believed that getting answers and uncovering insights from databases should be much simpler, so we made it our mission to build a powerful solution that would bridge the gap between individuals and their data.

With a vision to enable intuitive and seamless access to databases, we set to work building robust conversational AI technologies that would enable individuals to simply ask questions in their own words and have relevant data returned to them in real time.

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AutoQL is a powerful API-first solution that fundamentally transforms the way individuals access and interact with their data. As suggested by the name, AutoQL enables the immediate, dynamic translation of natural language to database query languages, making it possible for users to access their data conversationally, simply by asking questions in their own words.

Through our API, software developers and solution providers are empowered to leverage the powerful AI technologies, flexible implementation options, and robust resources we’ve developed to deliver state-of-the-art conversational data experiences within their existing applications.

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