Our vision is to transform the way you experience and leverage your data

chata.ai is a data-obsessed, innovation-first company. Our mission is to empower everyone to drive growth and achieve success with seamless access to the powerful insights their data has to offer.

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Building data-driven culture

We launched in 2017 with a vision to empower people to make data-driven decisions more easily and more often. We understood the powerful implications of leveraging data insights for strategic decision-making, so we set our sights on building a solution that would make it easy and intuitive for others to do the same.


The intersection of AI & human intuition

To make better business decisions, people need access to meaningful information. Applying next-generation AI technologies, we built an app that facilitates seamless data access and analysis, allowing people to unearth insights in a profoundly human way: simply by asking questions in their own words.

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To infinity and beyond

As it turns out, building our app was just the beginning. Soon, other software providers began asking if we could implement the same powerful NLU technology and easy-to-use interface we had built, within their existing platforms. Enter: CHATA’s Data Messenger, our newest offering aimed at extending conversational AI capabilities to other solution providers who are looking to add value and reduce friction in their existing systems.

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