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Team building out AutoQL integration to provide natural language to SQL conversational AI technology in their software

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Our dedicated team of data scientists and customer success professionals are here to ensure that your AutoQL integration is seamless, so you achieve high ROI in no time. We take care of building your customized conversational AI solution that enables next-generation natural language to SQL translation in the software you already build. Throughout the process, we’ll work closely with you to deliver exceptional data experiences to your users.

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Proof of Concept

Development & Implementation


Iteration & Expansion


Through this collaborative stage, we’ll learn about your product, your goals, and the challenges faced by your customers and users. Our technical team will take a look at your software and database to ensure efficiency and accuracy throughout the integration process.

Two people plan their AutoQL integration for natural language to SQL functionality in their software on a white board with sticky notes

Proof of Concept

We get to work developing a high-quality training corpus and custom language model for your database. At this stage, we collectively identify a high-priority focus area and concentrate initial training here, allowing us to show you AutoQL in action in under two weeks.

People build dashboards and move data around during their proof of concept

Development & Integration

Next, we expand our training of your custom model to provide holistic coverage of your entire database for optimized dynamic natural language to SQL translation. We’ll provide plenty of resources and collaborate with you to plan the strategic roll out of this new feature in your application.

Person stacks building blocks representing AutoQL in production providing natural language to SQL capabilities in their software


This is where our strategic planning turns into action! AutoQL will go live in your application, enabling you to deliver exceptional conversational data experiences to all your users. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your integration exceeds your and your users’ expectations.

Checking all the boxes for go-to-market with AutoQL integration of natural language to SQL technology for database access

Iteration & Expansion

We’re committed to continuous iteration and optimization of AutoQL. It’s our mission to make it easy for you to scale your investment, deploy new use cases, and leverage the power of natural language to SQL translation technology to generate new revenue for your business.

Graph showing growth and revenue expansion after integrating natural language to SQL technology in the software solutions you already build

Use Cases

Supporting Strategic Overtime Planning

Supporting Strategic Overtime Planning with Data on Demand

Give everyone on the job site instant data access to make informed decisions that optimize team output in real time.

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Offer Cross-Functional Teams Exceptional Exploratory Analytics

Offering Cross-Functional Teams Exceptional Exploratory Analytics

Help every team member quickly find critical customer data they can share across teams to improve aligned strategy.

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Man using business intelligence solutions dashboard on his tablet

Streamlining Workflows with (Extra) Accessible Insights

Enable users to seamlessly access deeper insights via a conversational user interface alongside the BI tools they already rely on.

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