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Next-Generation AI for Database Access: The Technology Behind AutoQL

How innovation in conversational AI is revolutionizing the way today’s leading businesses access and leverage their data.
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AutoQL Technology White Paper Cover Page

In today’s competitive market, every employee in every organization needs to be able to access and leverage the business data they need to do their job well. This is where conversational AI technology that’s built to enable seamless database access can offer immense value, providing instant and intuitive access to information, for everyone.

This white paper is for enterprises and solution providers looking to understand the value of the technology we’ve developed to build AutoQL into a powerful conversational AI solution for database access.

Get the white paper to learn:

→ The current limitations of intent classification systems as they pertain to the database access use case.

→ What it takes to go beyond current technologies to develop conversational AI for the data access today’s users demand.

→ How implementing a conversational AI solution for database access adds value to any software application or business portal that creates and collects data.

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