Conversational AI technology that puts exceptional user experience first

Exceed user expectations, gain an edge over competitors, and drive your bottom line with AutoQL: a scalable text-to-SQL API that brings cutting-edge conversational AI and the next-generation of business intelligence to your application.

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What makes AutoQL’s conversational AI system different?

No SQL code. No user training. No information delay.

Leave Training Data Generation to Us

We know generating training data is a complex and labor-intensive process. We rapidly generate a high-quality training corpus based on the structure and contents of your unique database using automated techniques. This serves as a foundation for our next step: building a custom language model for your app.

We Build You a Custom Language Model

We build and train a custom language model specific to your database. Equipped to enable the real-time translation of natural language to SQL — including dynamically generating multi-table joining SQL statements — this model enables you to deliver frictionless conversational data experiences directly from your app.

Leverage Our Flexible Implementations

Build freely on top of our API or seamlessly embed any of our open-source widgets within your software, however you want, wherever it serves your users best. Easily customize the look and feel of our flexible front end components to align with your branding and complement your existing interface.

Embed new features & function, fast, with our easy-to-implement open source widgets

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Connect users with their data, instantly.

Dashboard using AI Solutions

Provide comprehensive overviews in a snap.

Conversational AI technology built for unparalleled human experiences

 AutoQL takes the hassle out of data access and eliminates the tedious back-and-forth of typical chat-based services. Our robust technology guarantees that users have exceptional conversational data experiences, every time.

Custom, searchable catalogue of natural language queries to get your users started, fast.

Catches and verifies references to unique data, so users always receive the data they need.

Automatically populates similar query suggestions as users type, so they get results quickly.

Clarifies meaning behind ambiguous queries, leading to efficient and accurate responses.

Great user experiences start with outstanding developer experiences

Our best-in-class developer documentation and support resources make implementing and maintaining AutoQL straightforward for teams of any size.

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Deliver conversational data experiences in your application with AutoQL

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