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Spira Data Corp. & Chata announce partnership to bring conversational AI for data on demand to the Spira platform.

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We’re excited to announce that Chata has partnered with fellow Alberta-based tech company Spira Data Corp. to bring the power of AutoQL to Spira’s Operational Resource Planning (ORP™) platform.

This comes on the heels of our recent announcement about Chata becoming an official Microsoft Partner, a designation also shared by Spira Data Corp. Launching AutoQL on Azure enables SaaS providers and enterprises to easily embed natural language-driven tools for data access in the systems they build.

As today’s economic landscape rapidly evolves, industry leaders are increasingly turning to data to gain insights and drive business outcomes. AutoQL’s availability in Spira’s ORP™ will make it easier than ever for employees across every role and department to access the information they need to make data-backed decisions and influence results.

“The team at Spira is laser-focused on delivering high-impact digital solutions that bring new value to all their users—from field service workers and operations teams to managers and C-level execs. In what’s typically seen as a traditional industry space, Spira’s pace of digital adoption and commitment to innovation is impressive,” says our CEO, Kelly Cherniwchan.

Spira AutoQL Interfact Illustration

With AutoQL, Spira customers can get the data they need just by
asking questions in their own words.


Spira’s ORP™ enables data-powered companies to decrease the cost of field work, optimize required resources, and drive profits. Their innovative approach to data collection and digital collaboration empowers leading businesses across construction, hydrovac, energy, logistics, and global oil and gas to leverage technology to get ahead.

Introducing AutoQL in Spira’s ORP™ represents a pivotal transformation in how field data is accessed and viewed by end users. Through this integration, Spira will roll out a conversational user interface for data access, enabling users and customers to take advantage of self-serve functionality that allows them to ask for the data they need in their own words and receive immediate answers.

“This strategic partnership with Chata is a win for customers utilizing Spira’s ORP. Integrating Chata’s unique AutoQL reporting into Spira’s existing ORP provides conversational AI to deliver easy access to information, increasing efficiencies and enhancing profitability for our clients,” says Kevin Ludbrook, President and CEO of Spira.

This partnership is an exciting milestone for both companies and reflects the significant growth and innovation happening within the Canadian tech industry as a whole.

“We’re thrilled Spira has chosen to implement a next-gen technology like AutoQL and we look forward to breaking new ground together in Alberta’s evolving landscape,” says Cherniwchan.

Moving forward, Spira and Chata will continue working together to develop and deliver intuitive and impactful data access experiences for every business user.

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