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AutoQL for Financial Services

From wealth management to web banking, enable every user to find instant answers to the questions that help them drive a prosperous financial future.
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Person discovering insights with conversational AI in financial services software

Data on demand enables teams to advise strategically, invest smarter & boost revenue.

From optimizing budgets to strategic wealth planning, open the door for high-impact conversations that lead to data-driven action. With AutoQL, anyone can leverage conversational AI in their financial services, discover insights in real time, and deep-dive into the details, faster than ever.


Use Cases

Provide Cash Flow Data for Client Relationship Managers, Instantly

Enable anyone to explore client data with conversational AI in their financial services software to gauge business health and asses risk.

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Deliver the Data that Helps Advisors Assess Risk, on Demand

Provide seamless access to the client data that reveals whether it’s a smart move for their bank to provide loans and lines of credit.

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Empower Impactful Data-Driven Cost Management Strategies

Give everyone data access at their fingertips that helps them build strategies for that drive growth in clients’ businesses (and the bank).

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