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Simplify Collaboration and Level Up Your Work with AutoQL for Microsoft Teams

Leverage your AutoQL model within Microsoft Teams to easily query your business data using natural language. With AutoQL, you can supercharge your team, gain instant insights, and drive your business forward.

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Use natural language to bring data into Teams, directly from your data warehouse.

Ad Hoc Reporting 

Seamlessly access your most critical business information and generate ad hoc reports with AutoQL for Microsoft Teams.

Exploratory Analysis

Dive into the details of your business, explore trends, and discover instant insights, all within Microsoft Teams using AutoQL.

Streamlined Workflows 

Maximize productivity to complete the job faster and more efficiently with AutoQL for Microsoft Teams.

How to Get Started With AutoQL for Microsoft Teams

Connect to Microsoft Excel & Microsoft Teams

1. Connect with to Build Your AutoQL Model:

Powered by our proprietary generative AI technology, we’ll build a custom language model for your organization. Learn more about AutoQL’s technology.

2. Install the AutoQL App in Microsoft Teams:

Once your AutoQL Model is built, you can easily enhance your Microsoft Teams experience by installing the AutoQL app.

Add AutoQL to query your data in Microsoft Teams
Query your Data using to find insights

3. Start Querying Your Data:

With the AutoQL app installed, you can now start querying and accessing your data directly within Microsoft Teams, empowering you to make data-driven decisions effortlessly.

Ready to get your AutoQL model built? Connect with →

Discover how AutoQL empowers you and your team to gain instant insights & make data-driven decisions.
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Boost productivity, collaborate seamlessly, and make faster, data-driven decisions with AutoQL for Microsoft Teams.