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Driving Digital Transformation: Conversational AI
for Next-Generation Data Access & Analytics

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The new era of data-driven business calls for next-generation data access solutions.

We created this resource to help software developers and data solution providers monetize the data in their systems & drive digital transformation in the industries they serve.

In a fast-moving market, digital transformation and analytics adoption that supports rapid time-to-insights and even faster time-to-action are what separates exceptional businesses from the pack.

Growth-minded leaders have found a powerful way to support the decision-making processes that promote successful business endeavors: leveraging their data.

Solution providers on the leading edge of business software innovation need to offer more intuitive, more efficient options for data access as demand for exceptional analytics and reporting capabilities rises. 

Throughout the following chapters, we’ll present the business case for conversational AI within the context of improving database access. Whether you build software for businesses or use it to improve your own operations, this guide will:  

  •  Introduce conversational AI and how it can be used to truly democratize data access across industries, at every level of a business.   
  •  Provide an overview of the business applications of conversational AI for database access and why this new approach to data access is vital.   
  •  Discuss the technological advances that lay the foundation for a powerful conversational AI system that can integrate with any enterprise-grade database. 

Chapter 1

Our Vision for Conversational Technology & the Future of Data-Driven Business

We believe that conversational AI will fundamentally transform human-to-computer interfacing. Powerful and innovative conversational technology is the foundation of a new world where access to information is completely democratized.

In this chapter, you’ll learn:

  • How conversational AI has already impacted the way we do business today.
  • Why conversational AI presents a profound opportunity for technology to support growth and expansion across every industry.
  • How conversational AI can make digital transformation easier, faster, and more effective for any organization.

Chapter 2

Why Today’s Leading Businesses Need Better Data Access Than Ever Before 

Data has become a central pillar on which every business–from the global enterprise to the local coffee shop–are building their competitive advantage.

But, one of the critical roadblocks to wider adoption of data-driven processes and analytics is managing and accessing all that information. Software needs to improve these data experiences across industries and at all levels of the organization.

In this chapter, you’ll learn:

  • Why data is more important to driving business success than ever before.
  • Why democratized data access adds value to the software solutions that businesses already rely on. 
  • How conversational AI helps monetize every point of data that business software collects for users. 

Chapter 3

Introducing Intuitive Data Access to Business Intelligence with Conversational User Interfaces

PART I – A New Era of Digital Interaction

Thanks to messaging technology embedded in social media platforms and the proliferation of SMS-based communication, we’re all more willing than ever to interact with our devices, and each other, through digital conversational mediums.

Users are beginning to expect conversational experiences when they get online. To leverage this trend in digital transformation, every type software needs to adapt to the demand for intuitive, self-serve options that yield immediate results for anyone using the system.

In Part I, you’ll learn:

  • How conversational UIs can enhance the digital experiences users have with their software systems.
  • Why conversational UIs add value to software that already has a robust graphical user interface. 

PART II – Elevating Data Experiences in Business Software

Conversational UI systems that act as “data messengers” offer a new way for companies to add value to their existing solutions, boost the accessibility of their interfaces, and meaningfully improve their users’ experiences.

By leveraging conversational user interfaces backed by sophisticated conversational AI technologies, software and digital solution providers can add a powerful new dimension of data accessibility and functionality to the products they already build.

In Part II, you’ll learn:

  • Why the traditional graphical user interface needs to be improved to better support today’s business users.
  • How offering data on demand via conversational UI will transform the way users leverage their data for decision making. 

Chapter 4

Building Conversational AI Technology that Supports Next-Generation Business Intelligence & Data Accessibility

PART I – The Current State of Conversational AI Technology

Most of us have experienced chatbots built into the apps, software, and web pages we use on a regular basis. Behind the scenes of most modern chatbots is an AI intent classifier.

While intent classifiers have been built to provide better experiences in customer service and marketing channels, they don’t offer the flexibility and level of intelligent understanding that users need to access and successfully leverage their data through conversation.

We see a gap in AI technology aimed at making enterprise-grade database access faster and more intuitive. That’s where innovation in AI technology comes in to better support a great conversational data experience. 

In Part I, you’ll learn:

  • How the technology behind popular intent classification systems works in the realm of chatbots and virtual assistants.
  • How conversational technologies built specifically for database access differ from intent classification and rule-based systems. 
  • Why it’s critical to go beyond intent classification to create more seamless, intuitive user experiences. 

PART II – What it Takes to Build Conversational AI for Database Access

The next step forward in data access innovation is going beyond intent classification. This type of system needs to be able to dynamically translate natural language into database query language, so that users can find what they’re looking for in their data, just by asking for it in their own words.

Here’s a look into the approach we’ve taken to developing a robust solution for data access that any software provider can leverage to democratize data access across their system.

In Part II, you’ll learn:

  • Why systems that translate natural language to database query language are the solution for today’s data accessibility roadblocks. 
  • How this new breed of conversational AI will improve data access across every type of enterprise-grade database.
  • What makes a conversational AI system powerful enough to handle the job of database access.