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AutoQL for Sales

Empower every sales team to sell smarter and close deals faster, with instant and intuitive access to data.
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Data on demand enables sales teams to supercharge growth & turn leads into loyal customers.

Data is at the core of sales strategies that convert. With AutoQL, anyone can get instant answers from their business data and uncover critical insights that help them optimize productivity, attract higher-quality leads, and drive deals through every stage of the pipeline, faster than ever.


Use Cases

Driving Success with Sales Data on Demand

Data at your users’ fingertips leads to improved sales outcomes that promote dependency on your sales software solution.

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Streamlining Data Access to Optimize Performance

Sales teams need data access at scale. With intuitive, self-serve tools, they can find new value in the software they already use.

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Empowering Data Exploration Beyond Sales Team KPIs

Level-up your software when you provide the deeper insights and unique data that teams need to get ahead in a competitive market.

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